Las Vegas Helicopters Fly Direct Into The Grand Canyon

You can select from a 50 minute or 30 minute helicopter tour of the South Rim, they fly you towards the North Rim and back passing over dramatic landmarks such even though the Dragoon Arena.

Before actually booking any air tours, it’s strongly recommended that you simply do some taking a look at. Not only is online research easy, but it also allows you to identify out more on these tours. I’d recommend that you begin at the official Grand Canyon website. After that, I’d take a review of several other sites in order to the provider there are any companies offering special offers. You can pick up terrific deals, and in case you book online, you can often save a great deal 30% for this actual can charge.

Don’t ever pay full retail price for helicopter tours. Shop the Globe wide web. Please. I’ve been finding deals that cut prices by 35%. Caveat: To obtain these special prices, need to have complete the transaction within the web. Understand that commissioned sales people man the “customer service” numbers and will upsell you a higher in price package.

If you want to fly the South Rim, acquired to book your flight at least three days in advances. A week ahead of the is much better. Five million people visit the Grand Canyon each year, and may do bet if you have a good portion of them consider a helicopter tour. You shouldn’t be left underneath. RSVP.

I strongly suggest you book your helicopter tour three days in advancement of your desired departure. These trips incredibly popular and in most cases sell out. The only travelers I know who get same-day seating are those traveling alone, and still it’s a crapshoot. Do yourself a big favor and book ahead of time and energy.

One from the longer Grand Canyon helicopter tours available is the Chariout of Fire Helicopter Tour. The tour features an hour and a half tour dropping of McCarren International Airport in Las Vegas, NV. The tour features an airplane going below the rim helicopter ride Mexico of this Grand Canyon. The return trip features views of Iceberg Canyon, Valley of Fire, Bowl of FIre and of course the Hoover Dam. This tour is pricey compared to what the opposite tours outlined in this article offer, being released in at $354. But if you are on a strong time schedule this 90 minute tour is best for you.

The ride to free airline Rim comes complete with things to see. For starters, you over Lake Mead, an impressive reservoir of deep-blue water that glimmers under the western sun. Choppers continue over Hoover Dam, an imposing 700-foot-tall structure that manages the flow on the legendary Colorado River. It is onward to the canyon.

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